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PVC black anti slip soft board

  • PVC black anti slip soft board

Black embossed PVC soft board:

Product specification: 2-10mm

Product features: corrosion-resistant, easy to weld, and no pungent odor

Product performance: anti slip, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, edge resistance, etc;

Product Usage: Can be used for laying and decorating countertops, floors, walkways, etc. in hotels, sports venues, conference halls, airports, ports, ships, vehicles, etc;

Product color: white, blue, brown, gray, black;

Packaging method: Woven bag 50kg/roll, 100kg/roll, or according to the length required by the user PVC soft board: thickness: 1-10mm, width: 1.3m

Features: This product is soft and wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, tear resistant, and has good weldability.

Application: Widely used in chemical industry, electroplating, lining and edge cushion of electrolytic cell

Cangzhou Sansu Company can also customize semi soft and semi hard PVC transparent boards. Welcome to inquire

PVC plastic soft board (1mm -10mm): The surface of PVC soft board is smooth and flat, resistant to acid and alkali, and has advantages such as high strength, low shrinkage rate, and convenient construction. PVC soft board is mainly used for lining corrosion-resistant equipment such as acid and alkali resistance, and can also be used as a general electrical flange and sealing gasket material. It can also be used for laying chemical workshop floors, laboratory countertops, etc. And it can be used as an alternative product for rubber sheets.

Colors: reddish brown, green, white, yellow brown, etc

Density: 1.45, 1.52, 1.65, three different qualities can be customized according to the purpose