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PP welding rod

  • PP welding rod

Plastic welding rods are welding materials prepared for processing hard plastic forming equipment and produced using extrusion molding method.

Product characteristics of plastic PP welding rods; Produced from pure raw materials, with a smooth surface, glossiness, good flexibility, and no tendency to break. The cross-section is consistent with the overall material,

No bubbles, trachoma, uniform thickness

The product usage of PP welding rods; Suitable for the welding of PP material chemical equipment anti-corrosion equipment, plate welding, and plastic pipeline engineering

We provide various colors of PP welding rods, PE welding rods, PVC plastic welding rods, PVC transparent welding rods, and soft PVC welding rods for the welding of plates and pipes of the same material

Specification: single strand, double strand, three strand, triangular type, diameter: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0

Color: Other colors such as white, gray, black, etc. can be customized.

Product appearance; Color (white, beige), outer packaging (plastic bag), net weight (2.5kg)

Specification and size; Single, Double, Triple